Darren Hayman headlines poetry night at Ye Olde Rose & Crown

Darren Hayman, singer and guitarist from Hefner, plays a poetry night at Ye Olde Rose & Crown on Wednesday 8 December.

The night is organised by Forest Poets, a group of poets from Waltham Forest (the clue is in the name, see). The night is billed as featuring poetry and comedy, with Darren performing a solo show (according to the official Hefner site). Hefner released four albums back in the day (i.e. in the late 90’s, which is “back in the day” for us young ‘uns at Walthamstow Scene!), and Darren has gone on to put out records under various guises since the demise of Hefner in 2002. We saw Hefner play the Dr Martens stage at Reading Festival in 1998, and they brought the noise on what was a strong Reading line-up that year. Respect.

There are nine acts performing on Wednesday, it’s a fiver on the door and it kicks off at 7.30pm. Full details can be found on the Ye Olde Rose & Crown website. In the meantime, check out this video for the Hefner classic “Christian Girls”.


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