Steve White & The Protest Family – “The One Night in Walthamstow EP”

Cover art for the One Night in Walthamstow EPSteve White & The Protest Family have released their latest offering on Prosity Records. The five-track live record is called “The One Night In Walthamstow EP” and was recorded at Ye Olde Rose & Crown on the night after the General Election in May 2010. Oh, and it’s free!

Fans of the band will be familiar with their acoustic folk punk styles. Although the band describe this as more of an “official bootleg” than a live album, the sound quality is actually pretty good. Both the band and the audience are in fine form (and let’s face it, live albums where you can’t hear the audience are inescapably rubbish and pointless).

Highlights of the record for me are ‘Money’, which perhaps inspired Eric Cantona in his recent call for people to withdraw all their money from banks, and ‘You Can’t Say Fuck in The Queens’, the EP’s fine opening track.

Overall, Steve White & The Protest Band have delivered a decent live album which captures the atmosphere of the gig. As I said, it’s free to download, so what are you waiting for? Click here to download from the Prosity Records site.

Steve White & The Protest Band are supporting the comedian Mark Thomas at his show at The Standard in March. Details here.



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