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E17’s favourite curry – results published!

A few weeks ago we asked E17ers to tell us what their favourite takeaway curry in Walthamstow was. We were swamped with responses! The results are published in our new “Favourites” section, which is here. Thanks to everyone who responsed! We hope that it inspires you to try somewhere new and maybe even find a new favourite.

We’ll be doing something similar later in the year, so keep checking the blog and keep it E17! In the meantime, read the results of our curry crowdsourcing here.


Best curry in Walthamstow?

Here at Stow Scene we are always up for some experimental fun (!), so we’re going to try something new here. E17, we need your collective brain.

Last weekend, myself and Mrs Stow Scene were contemplating a takeaway curry but, rather than going to one of our two usuals (Razmin on Hoe Street and Cinnamon Leaves on Boundary Road) we went to Forest Tandoori, as recommended by E17er Streesy on Twitter. So far, so tasty.

Mentioning this on our Twitter and Facebook pages got us lots of feedback about other cracking takeaway curries available in E17. However, even we cannot justify eating them all just for a blogpost.

So…we want to crowdsource great takeaway curries in Walthamstow. Tell us where you love, either by commenting on this post below, or tweeting us, or on our Facebook page.

We’ll take feedback for about a week, and then write up the results. The point isn’t to find the definitive best one (we can argue in the pub for hours about that) but to hopefully alert you cool cats out there to somewhere you’ve maybe not tried before.

If this works, we might do it for other things like cafes or pubs. If it doesn’t, we’ll pretend this never happened! So, E17, where’s good for a ruby?